Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking

If you are a savvy vaper it could be said that vaping is cheaper than smoking.  However, it seems to me that e-cigarette smoking has gone the same way of acquiring new mobile devices.  The latter are continually updated and the sae is happening in the vaping community.

The e-cigarette business has gone from zero to a multi-billion Pound business in the past decade and new vaping models are produced at regular intervals.  If you are keen on getting the latest models, you may find that vaping is more expensive than smoking.

However, to save money you could opt to buy a vape liquid to offset your outlay.  To find these you will have to do your research on the internet.  You will be rewarded for your efforts as these are available and sometimes they are free.

The beauty of these cheap juices is that it will cost you less money than to buy countless expensive flavours to decide which ones you like best. There are starter packs available that will give you a variety of small samples that you can try without having to buy something you don’t like.

This will prevent you from either ditching the unwanted flavours or give them away.  The alternative is to visit your local shop to see if you can try some out before you buy.

Otherwise vaping is only cheaper if you stop your spending habits and resist the urge to go for the latest e-cigarette that hits the market.

When you have found cheap examples of e-juice, the first thing you have to find out is to make sure that the extra cheap ones are not out of date.  Any reputable supplier will not sell you these, unless they have clearly marked them to be so and you are willing to buy them.

Out of date juices may very well not have much nicotine in them and the taste may be bad.  If this is so, you need to realise that a bad smell could linger in your vaping kit Device for some time.




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