Wherever Need to Skilled Ability Browse Find Jobs? Utilize your Staffing Sector!

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In these hard-hitting economic times, many qualified Americans are out of jobs. Jobs seekers usually turn with their local and state Departments of Labor, but many forget to check in using their local staffing companies.  They can almost be present in practically every city in America. These companies have access to clients who need temporary assistance which frequently times converts to full-time employment. American staffing companies have been matching talent with clients for many decades now.


Staffing firms provide temporary talent with their clients who solicit their services. Many employers utilize these services to complete during times of increased workload. Most employers look to the staffing industry to fit their companies with the appropriate professionals for open positions. Now a lot more than even, oferty pracy organizations are choosing employment agencies to aid them using their placement needs because as as it happens, utilizing a temporary agency saves money. In this economic climate, this really is excellent news for job seekers. Because temporary employment agencies are in charge of paying the temporary employee, this saves the company from costly overhead. Quite simply, employers that use temporary services are billed one flat rate for these temporary professionals, while the agency protects benefits, recruiting, credentialing, pre-employment testing and screening, and pay rolling.

Staffing firms are better equipped to aid job seekers to locate jobs. Not just are far more employers utilizing staffing companies, staffing companies have access to open job positions that could not need been advertised by the employer via conventional methods.


As reported by the American Staffing Association:

  • 2.66 million Folks are employed by staffing companies every business day.
  • 11.2 million Temporary and contract employees are hired by U.S. staffing firms on the course of a year.
  • 79% of staffing employees work full-time, virtually the same as the remaining portion of the work force
  • 88% of staffing employees say that temporary or contract work made them more employable.
  • 77% of staffing employees say it’s an effective way to acquire a permanent job.


It can, at times, be described as a daunting task to locate and become employed with staffing firms. Not totally all staffing firms carry employee benefits. Not totally all staffing firms withhold payroll taxes. With that in your mind, how should you discover a nearby staffing firm that provides good service and is respected for the services they offer?

o Look to the experts. Staffing firms, that are members of the American Staffing Association, must abide by vigorous ethical guidelines. Visit the American Staffing Association to find an affiliated staffing firm near you.

o Talk with the staffing firm to make sure they withhold the appropriate employment taxes. Many temporary employees are attracted to staffing companies that consider their professionals independent contractors. What this means is that should you consider employment with this specific firm, you’ll be given a 1099 by the end of the entire year and will result in paying your own taxes. Although it might appear to be recommended to acquire a paycheck weekly without the taxes, you can be overwhelmed by the end of the entire year with taxes owed to the IRS and your state.

o Make fully sure your staffing firm carries the appropriate insurance. Firms that consider their temps independent contractors, often don’t carry worker’s compensation on the 1099 contractors. Ensure that you’re an employee (as evidenced by the withholding of payroll taxes) for your protection. You’d not want to get hurt on the work and not receive appropriate medical care and/or compensation from your company. DO NOT SIGN ANY WAIVERS STATING THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE WORKER’S COMPENSATION BENEFITS. This isn’t legal and you need to therefore consider employment with another staffing firm.

o Find a staffing firm that covers your insurance benefits. There are numerous staffing firms that offer these services. Although the master plan may only be described as a limited benefit plan, it still provides affordable coverage for you and your family.


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