Pattaya Bar Girls Apply Get in touch Three so that you can Break up a Expressions Obstacle.

If there is one game that Pattaya bar girls like to play, it’s Connect Four. That’s right; I’m referring to that silly game that many of us played as children. Connect Four is widely found in Pattaya bars as an effective way to communicate over the cultural divide that exists between Western men and Pattaya girls.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the overall game is kind of like a 3d version of tic-tac-toe. It’s played on a vertical board that’s seven spaces across and six spaces high. Players use “men” which are much like checkers. The men are colored red and black and each player starts with 21 men.

The board is comparable to a cage. Players alternate dropping their men, 1 by 1, though slots in the the surface of the cage. The thing of the overall game is to be the very first player to obtain four men placed in a row. The four-in-a-row may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

There’s hardly a bar in Pattaya, Thailand that doesn’t have this game available pattaya bars girls. I’ve seen it in every bar I ever visited in this the main country. It’s popular as it allows the girls to speak with customers in spite of the language barrier.

You see, Western men flock to Pattaya due to the reputation as a destination for sex tourism. A lot of the boys who get to town, however, don’t speak a little bit of Thai and the bar girls that they seek don’t speak English. That’s where Connect Four comes into play.

Somewhere along the line, an enterprising bar owner introduced this game and it has turned into a Pattaya institution ever since. The couples that you see playing are smiling, laughing, drinking, and having a great time together in spite of the truth that they do not speak the exact same language. Connect Four is their common language.

A number of the girls in Pattaya have grown to be quite skilled at the game. I never realized how technical the overall game actually was until I performed a search on Google. You will find strategies which are quite complex and one or more mathematician has written his entire master’s thesis concerning the game. A number of the girls know the strategy and they like to play free of charge drinks.

One friend of mine who lives full time in Pattaya swears that it’s an erotic game as well. He claims to have been smitten with a beautiful Pattaya girl with eyes as deep and beautiful as a crystal ball. This girl has devised a variation of the overall game whereby you’re prohibited to look at the board as you play.

In accordance with her rules, each player may only check out the eyes of another player as their tokens are put into play. You need to guess the career of the tokens by the try your opponent’s eyes. Apparently, this girl is hypnotic because my friend just can’t stop referring to how beautiful she is and he won’t let anyone else know where she works.

Whatever the variation being played, this simple children’s game has become an indispensable language tool in the life of Pattaya bar girls and their Western boyfriends. If you’re arranging a trip to Pattaya, you should learn how to play Connect Four when you travel.


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